Aircon Prices

Depending on the brand, type and size BTU’s of aircon unit you choose, prices vary from R6500 to R35000+.

An air conditioning unit will keep you cool in the summer and warm and cozy during the winter.  A good quality aircon unit can improve your enjoyment of your home or office and is worth the investment. 

Below are the most popular aircon brands in South Africa:

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Jet-Air
  • Alliance
  • Midea
  • Carrier
  • Gree
  • York

Air conditioning is available as an inverter or non-inverter unit, depending on your needs and budget. 

Average Air Conditioning Prices  

Below is some useful information on the cost of air conditioning by brand

Samsung Aircon Prices

Product CodeBTUPrice
Samsung AR3000 Midwall Split Aircon9000Non-inverterR6550
Samsung AR3000Midwall Split Aircon12000Non-inverterR7220
Samsung AR3000Midwall Split Aircon18000Non-inverterR10299
Samsung AR4500Midwall Split Aircon9000InverterR7930
Samsung AR4500Midwall Split Aircon12000InverterR8720
Samsung AR4500Midwall Split Aircon18000InverterR11999
Samsung AR9500T Wind-FreeMidwall Split Aircon12000InverterR14470
Samsung AR9500T Wind-FreeMidwall Split18000InverterR19380

Benefits of the Samsung brand:

  • Designed to be as energy-efficient as possible
  • Wider distribution of cool air
  • Competitive prices 
  • Great for personal or business use
  • Many accredited Samsung installers in South Africa
  • Sleek design

LG Aircon Prices

Product CodeBTUPrice
LG Dual CoolMid-Wall Aircon9000InverterR9199
LG Dual CoolMid-Wall Aircon12000InverterR9520
LG Dual CoolMid-Wall Aircon18000InverterR13640
LG Artcool Black MirrorMid-Wall Aircon12000InverterR14990
LG Artcool Black MirrorMid-Wall Aircon18000InverterR20420

LG brand advantages:

  • Highly reputable brand in South Africa
  • Wide range of products
  • Ideal for home or office use
  • Innovative heat recovery ventilation system
  • Stylish product designs
  • Committed to creating healthier air

Gree Aircon Prices

Product CodeBTUPrice
Gree Bora16000Non-InverterR13499
Gree Bora12000Non-InverterR6064
Gree Bora11000Non-InverterR10699
Gree Lomo24000InverterR15699
Gree Lomo12000InverterR12099
Gree Lomo18000InverterR14699

Below are the main benefits of the Gree brand:

  • Well-represented throughout South Africa
  • Great energy efficiency
  • Excellent after-sales service
  • Reliable aircon units
  • Cost-effective options
  • Extensive product range

Jet-Air Aircon Prices

Product CodeBTUPrice
Jet-Air J-Smart9000Mid-WallInverterR7700
Jet-Air J-Smart12000Mid-WallInverterR8500
Jet-Air J-Smart 18000Mid-WallInverterR11700
Jet-Air J-Smart9000Mid-WallNon-InverterR5799
Jet-Air J-Smart12000Mid-WallNon-InverterR6399
Jet-Air J-Smart18000Mid-WallNon-InverterR9099
Jet-Air GWH9000Mid-WallInverterR6999
Jet-Air GWH12000Mid-WallInverterR7700
Jet-Air GWH18000Mid-WallInverterR10900
Jet-Air JDI 9000MirrorInverterR8150
Jet-Air JDI12000MirrorInverterR9350
Jet-Air JDI18000MirrorInverterR13050

Jet-Air is a great air conditioning brand because:

  • Popular brand in South Africa
  • Very reasonable prices
  • Excellent warranties
  • Quiet units 
  • Easy to operate
  • Wide parts distribution network

Alliance Aircon Prices

Product CodeBTUPrice
Alliance Alaskan9000Non-InverterR5860
Alliance Alaskan12000Non-InverterR6799
Alliance Alaskan18000Non-InverterR9799
Alliance Arctic9000InverterR7370
Alliance Arctic12000InverterR8270
Alliance Arctic18000InverterR11299

One of the many advantages of Alliance aircon is:

  • A proudly South African brand
  • Not imported units so cheaper
  • High quality air conditioning units
  • Spares are widely available
  • Offer great warranties
  • Wonderful after-sales service
  • Understand the South African market

York Aircon Prices

Product CodeBTUPrice
York Non-Inverter9000R6390
York Non-Inverter12000R7350
York Non-Inverter18000R9820
York Inverter9000R7500
York Inverter12000R8550
York Inverter18000R11700

York is an excellent air conditioning brand:

  • Air conditioning leader
  • Quiet operation
  • Stylish aircon units
  • Reliable after-sales support
  • User friendly
  • One of the most trusted aircon brands

Midea Aircon Prices

Product CodeBTUPrice
Midea Blanc R410A type9000InverterR7299
Midea Blanc Split9000Non-InverterR5870
Midea Midwall12000InverterR8090
Midea Blanc Split12000Non-InverterR6330
Midea Blanc Midwall18000InverterR11330
Midea Blanc Split18000Non-InverterR9399

Some advantages of choosing Midea are:

  • Cost-effective option
  • Many aircon styles and models
  • Smooth and low-noise operation
  • Energy-efficient
  • Inexpensive to service and maintain
  • Low cost of spare parts
  • Many distributors in South Africa

Carrier Aircon Prices

Product CodeBTUPrice
Carrier Inverter9000R10050
Carrier Non-Inverter9000R7690
Carrier Inverter12000R10370
Carrier Non-Inverter12000R9100
Carrier Inverter18000R14190
Carrier Non-Inverter18000R12730

Carrier offers excellent benefits because:

  • Offer an extensive range of aircon units
  • Globally-recognized brand
  • High-tech air conditioning option
  • Units blend in with your current decor
  • Best quality

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